Friday, January 23, 2015

TGIF and Missoni

Happy Friday everyone!

Today is jeans for charity day at work, which I love. Style articles these days tout jeans for work, but in my workplace it's still not technically permitted on the regular, although many show up every day in torn and faded jeans and think they are acceptable for work. They are not.

My co-worker and I showed up wearing kind of the same outfit - beige infinity scarf, blush top, black jeans and black heels. She is almost 50 and I am 31 and we both look great haha. 

I haven't mastered the full body selfie and the photographic effects of my lack of makeup continue to scare me...

Scarf by the Bay, blouse by Gap (sentimental because I wore it when pregnant on my Montreal babymoon, I wear a lot of my mat clothes still, am I the only one?), jeans by Guess, heels at Target (I keep selling these, they are so cheap, a perfect pump, and Target is closing in Canada so get yours before they are gone!! I scored the last two pairs in my size yesterday).

I want to end this post with my first observation on a collection, this continues to be a passion for me but I no longer have a subscription to Women's Wear Daily, I think I will have to invest again. Today's focus is Missoni's menswear RTW for fall 2015 - I have always loved Missoni's textures and prints and am very inspired by the entire collection, soooo winter-wonderful, beautiful, and honestly would wear everything in it. Seems every "it" blogger these days has a menswear-inspired look, and with clothes like these, it is no wonder why...

The coat below reminds me so much of one my most regretted donations, a vintage Pierre Cardin Paris overcoat just like this... Just because I barely wore it... Now I know that your usual clothes purging rules DO NOT APPLY to vintage designer finds... These are treasures... Yes you, silk Valentino pencil skirt I've never worn....

Namaste xoxo

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Swap success

As I mentioned yesterday, I hosted a clothing swap last weekend and it was the best. I made pitchers of sangria, left a what not to wear marathon on the tv, borrowed a bunch of chairs and a clothes rack, and invited 8 friends and their surplus attire over for a very girly afternoon.

Everyone walked away happy with a bag of new free clothes and a joyful attitude, and it was a perfect antidote to the winter blahs I've been experiencing lately. We decided it needs to be a regular occurrence that can be done with books, accessories, etc! 

One of my finds was this basically unworn basic cardigan in fuschia. I wore blue and pink to match my daughter's outfit today and I love the effect the hot pink has on my winter mood. I don't often wear such girly and vibrant colours and a swap is a great way to acquire clothes you wouldn't normally buy without spending a dime. 

Another guest, a girl I'd never met before and instantly bonded with (new friends = win win win) scored some patterned pants that fit her like a glove but she never would have had the courage to buy. Highly recommend hosting and attending an event like this, it was transformative!!

Namaste xoxo


...Cardigan by Anne Klein, scarf bought at Galeries Lafayette Paris, blouse by H&M, pants Ricki's, suede heels from Target ( I have to buy these again and in red suede and simple black - they are a perfect pump and SO cheap)... Still need to deal with those undereye bags...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


2015... So many changes... I have moved, twice, and now am the proud tenant of a lovely early-20th century apartment with mouldings and high ceilings and downtown pest problems... ended an engagement and am the single mother of a three year old megawatt superstar lunatic.... and I work an office job, which is secure and sometimes interesting, flexible and my coworkers are fantastic.... but my passions are dying within me so I have resolved to resurrect my blog and my passion for fashion. Join me as I share my (hopefully daily) inspirations, thoughts and style!

Namaste and Happy Hump Day :)



monochromatic OOTD:
undereye bags by three year old
geometric cropped sweater RW&CO
black pencil skirt (with boning in the waist and a lining, one of my favs) Sandra Angelozzi
tights Garage
boots from last weekend's clothing swap (so fun, recap post later)

Must apply tips from this article on undereye bags...

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Scarf Heaven: Athena Procopiou and Cocoon House

Greetings!! I can't believe it has been just about 6 months since I last posted... It has flown... I moved cities, got a new job and got promoted... have an almost two-year-old... And blog posts were written in my head along the way but never committed to internet.

I fell so hard in love with Athena Procopiou's collection of scarves that I HAD to post about it... I am obsessed... I have a fascination with fractals and the repeating organic patterns that are everywhere, and artistically I feel that the hugest inspiration is nature... And apparently I am not alone because her F/W Fairytales collection seems like it plucked so many ideas from my own mind... her other collections, going back to 2012, are also so gorgeous... My words are failing me, just let the prints speak for themselves...

I had a black cat for 16 years... my beloved... I WANT this scarf...

These space inspired ones would look so great on...

BIRDS... beautiful...


Birds and clouds... It's heaven.

My daughter is obsessed with owls. And so am I after seeing this print.

My partner is an artist and has been working on a piece with dandelions, and this has the puffy heads in a geometric pattern... I am very curious as to how this scarf looks worn...

Very many pretty butterfly variations...

These last two, shown flat and then how they would look in use... WOW. They are from her Ziggy F/W 2012 line and I WANT THEM VERY BADLY.

They remind me a lovely scarf I got recently, all soft and multicoloured and space print-y. 

It was my 30th birthday last week and my partner gave me a gc with which I bought this silk number that says 'handmade in China' label Cocoon House... The website, where you can get scarves in all manner of reproduced painting prints as well as many other items, says:

'Cocoon House is proud to offer its unique, fine silks and accessories. All of our silk products are made in small co-ops located in the heart of China's silk producing region, ensuring that products are of the highest quality and have been produced in a fair and traditional manner.'

Which is fabulous, and I love my new scarf, if I can't have Athena's...

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I always mean to focus more on Canadian designers, so I am going to start with Ferknot, a collaboration of Jorge Calderon, Ryan Bruehlmann and Rick Taylor. They have a beautiful collection that excites me because some of my main staples are blazers, dress shirts (often men's ones), and shirt dresses, and that's their specialty. With soft luxurious fabrics and an emphasis on tailoring, this is one brand to watch! They also donate to Plant a Tree Today with every purchase to offset their carbon footprint.

Love love the colour mix here...

and here.

I want this shirt very much, but I am addicted to soft, perfect button down black shirts.

This blazer is pretty beautiful.

As is this more fitted one, love the colour.

They also have more affordable t-shirts, yoga shorts and such, and it's funny but those are pretty much some of my favourite things in my wardrobe as well.

The men's shirts often have these gold buttons and I love them, I wear a lot of men's shirts and this element appeals to me a hell of a lot, it's actually inspiring me to sew bling buttons onto my men's shirts.

Like I said, they emphasize tailoring and custom fits, so The idea of having a shirt dress like this cut to my body seems like a lovely dream.

More to come! I still have so much resort to see!

Resort 2014: Christopher Kane and Christian Siriano are brilliant

Christopher Kane and Christian Siriano had some pretty awesome collections for Resort 2014. They are both wonderfully creative.

Kane's inspiration from nature, organic architecture and flowers really spoke to me, as it is very often where I too draw much of mine. He achieved the delicate solidity of flowers perfectly to me in these pieces, it's beautiful.

I'm a big sweater fan and these are so cool.

And the flower detail here is so perfect, I love this dress so, so much. It would look amazing on someone with darker skin too so you could see more of the detail.

You can see the detail here in the black and that pop of colour... I love how the shapes of the dresses themselves are extremely simple and forgiving.

The same amazing mix of red and black detailing. This is a very special suit.

The flower motif carried to the extreme. I am not entirely sure I can wear this, or that anyone could without creating an uproar, but I dare a celebrity to try!

Christian Siriano's first resort collection was beautifully done, with great styling - I love the heels and round frame lenses in every shot. 

These fabrics look like watercolour, and I love the proportions of the blouse with the pencil skirt.

Aaaahhh pattern love.

Great suit.

This dress reminds me of one of Gwen Stefani's Met Gala gowns, I love this little dress and wish I owned it.

This dress is nothing short of amazing. It feels like this insane sea monster is about to rise out of her skirt and I LOVE IT.

And I felt I had to show the stripes that were in a lot of the collection. Well more like chevrons at this angle. This dress is also very beautiful.

Now I do have a toddler, so I am going to leave this at this, since she is trying to bash in my keyboard :D So many more collections to be inspired by!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Resort 2014: Anna Sui, Altuzarra, Band of Outsiders, Alice + Olivia

A few other selections, in no particular order...

Anna Sui's collection was pretty and feminine and definitely had some notable pieces.

Joseph Altuzarra designs mainly for a very tall, very skinny woman, which is why generally you only see his dresses worn on red carpets by supermodels... However he had some lovely, wearable resort looks and some beautiful detailing.

I love the embroidery of this dress, the belt, the unexpected sheer fabric that elevates the boho-look.

I love everything about this suit. WANT.

The mix of blouse and patterned pencil skirt, all in lovely complementary neutrals and patterns... beautiful.

The cinched peasant dress with off-the-shoulder voluminous sleeve. I want to at least try this on.

Not a fan of the gold lame in the next two looks, but the jackets are sublime.

I quite liked Scott Sternberg's Band of Outsiders collection, has that slouchy, easy, sexy vibe that I love and is conveniently trendy right now.

Lastly, for this post, Stacey Bendet for Alice + Olivia... The off-duty flamenco dancer look...

Love the hemline, volume, colour, fabric, pleating... everything about this skirt, perfectly paired with the ivory lace crop top.

Again, I love this easy trend. Need to acquire patterned sweaters maybe?

I am intrigued by the mix of striped maxi skirt, patterned jacket, striped shirt.